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We have two service areas:
Inside of I-485 ~ no trip charge
Outside of I-485 ~ trip charge of $2/mile per distance traveled 

General House Cleaning

Size                   Low estimate    High estimate
1 BR 1 BA         $70                     $120
1 BR 2 BA         $95                     $145
2 BR 1 BA         $120                   $170
2 BR 2 BA         $145                   $195
3 BR 2 BA         $170                   $220
3 BR 3 BA         $195                   $245
4 BR 3 BA         $220                   $270
4 BR 4 BA         $245                   $295

Bigger homes - Call for estimate

Carpeted Area Cleaning


3 carpeted areas ~ $119

4 carpeted areas ~ $149
5 carpeted areas ~ $179
6 carpeted areas ~ $209
7 carpeted areas ~ $239

8 or more areas ~ Call for estimate

What does my carpet service include?

Prices includes pretreatments, cleaning solutions, deodorizers and sanitizer.. Areas larger than 150 sq. ft. will be priced accordingly. Surcharges may apply to treat heavily stained or high traffic areas as well as to treat pet messes and odors. Areas to be cleaned should be accessible and cleared as much as possible.

A representative will contact you shortly once you request an appointment.


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Actual price will vary based on conditions and job completion times. Non-refundable deposits will be applied to the final invoice. All invoices are final, and full payment is due upon completion of services. Customers agree to submit a scheduling request for their service visit within 90 days of placing a deposit or the full deposit will be forfeited.  We offer (first-time, limited service) promotional discounts through certain marketing channels however offers must be claimed within the marketing partner app/website to be honored. Monthly service plans are available and usually discussed after a full deep cleaning of the home.